Legal Solutions for International Issues

Legal Connect is a worldwide legal service provider for foreign nationals and corporations


Legal Connect is a bilingual (English and Spanish) speaking firm located in Southern Spain that serves the needs of Spanish and foreign individuals and corporations.

Legal Connect was born with the vision of assisting any individual or corporation in the process of international mobility, including visa processing, issues related to business start-ups, and any other collateral issues.


Our mission is to facilitate the process of international mobility of corporations and foreign nationals to Spain or the United States.

Legal Connect provides legal advice and solutions to issues that originate with the transition to a new country. We offer full legal service as well as assistance in any day-to-day operation that any expat may face in the process of establishing in a new country.

In addition, Legal Connect, through an outstanding global network of lawyers, provides supporting services in matters such as international taxation, real estate, and immigration into third countries, among others.